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Hempgro Veg Blend
Hempgro Veg Blend is a natural, organic, liquid soil amendment blend that is nutrient rich and non-phytotoxic, and contains a balanced content of organic materials that are clean, safe, effective and micro-irrigation friendly. Hempgro Veg Blend supplies organic matter to the soil/root zone promoting better soil for healthier crops. Hempgro Veg Blend promotes and encourages more vigorous growth and higher quality harvest.
Hempgro Myco
Highly concentrated mycorrhizal fungus used in agriculture and horticulture as a soil inoculant. It is a water-soluble powder which can be applied via soil irrigation and directly into the root zone, making it a quickly effective and easily absorbed inoculant.
Hempgro Veg Foliar
Hempgro Veg Foliar is a natural potassium and seaweed-based foliar designed to boost plant growth, sustain health, and result in increased quality and productivity. Nutrient-rich seaweed supports rapid growth, boosts effectiveness. Natural plant hormones support plant health and vitality throughout grow cycle. Hempgro Veg Foliar reduces stress in plants, which in turn stimulates cell division, supporting active root growth and production.
Hempgro Flower Foliar
Pollination promoter that stimulates flower bud differentiation and supplies the necessary nutrients at pollination.
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