Soil Solutions Superior Hemp Production 
What We Do
Soil Solutions creates custom-built organic soil amendments for farmers who are taking advantage of the once-in-a-generation opportunity that is legal hemp. Our products work with the naturally occurring organisms in your soil to promote life, stimulate growth, and make you successful in a way that benefits the planet as much as it does you and your family.
We provide a simple effective program optimizing soil and plant health. By eliminating stress points throughout the growing season crop yields are maximized. Microbes, fungi, micro and minor elements are blended together for easy complete nutrition uptake and root development. Easy to apply through all irrigation systems including drip lines. 
What We Offer
Hempgro Blend
Natural, organic, liquid soil amendment blends that is nutrient rich and non-phytotoxic. It contains a balanced content of organic materials that are clean, safe, effective and micro-irrigation friendly.
Veg Foliar
Specially designed to boost plant growth, sustain health, and result in increased quality and productivity. 
Flower Foliar
Pollination promoter that stimulates flower bud differentiation and supplies the necessary nutrients at pollination.
Highly concentrated mycorrhizal fungus used in agriculture and horticulture as a soil inoculant. It is a water-soluble powder which can be applied via soil irrigation and directly into the root zone.
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