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Plant Food Protein
Soil Solutions 13.5-0-0 (product 1)
Total Nitrogen…………..…..….....13.5%
0.06% Water Insoluble Nitrogen

Plant protein hydrolysate

Susceptible to moisture due to its hygroscopic nature. Limit its exposure to air. Reseal bag once used.

Two Years

Due to the fact that soil, weather, and crop conditions may vary, Soil Solutions ltd. makes no guarantees or warranties, whether expressed or implied concerning the use of this product. The user of this products takes full responsibility and assumes all risks of usage or handling of this product, despite whether applications instructions were followed or not.

Soil Solutions 13.5-0-0
Soil Solutions 13.5-0-0 is an organic input raw material derived from hydrolyzed non-gmo plant protein. Water soluble and enzymatically produced with 80% l-amino acids. This natural nitrogen fixer is readily available (not slow release) by foliar, root or soil application. Its non-toxic nature make it ideal for organic agriculture or as a reducer of conventional nitrogen sources. Use it in your formulations as an ingredient or on its own. Simple ingredients, that’s it!

• Supplies organic nitrogen, peptides and l-amino acids
• Stays in solution, does not separate
• Reliable release curve
• Quickly restores color
• No tip burn
• No animal protein
• Enhances transportation of nutrient uptake
• Improves salinity tolerance
• Does not attract pests

Natural Potassium and Seaweed-based Fertilizer
Soil Solutions (product 2)
6.0% humic acid derived from leonardite 
1.0% seaweed (microbe food)

This product is used foliarly and in the soil to boost plant growth, sustain health, and result in increased quality and productivity. Unlike products such as: Acadian Cytokin, Goemar, and Trigger; This product provides a competitive advantage in both decreased cost and increased effectiveness.

• Perfect for both conventional and organic growers
• Nutrient-rich seaweed supports rapid growth, boosts effectiveness
• Natural plant hormone Cytokinins support plant health and vitality throughout cycle
• 69% less expensive than similar products

Soil Solutions
Seaweed, growing naturally, is constantly battered by ocean tides and eaten by fish, so it must adapt, growing rapidly to survive. Studies at the University of California have shown that a frond of seaweed can grow up to a foot a day. The secret for this product’s exceptional results stems from the same growth hormones that, when applied to plants as a foliar spray, increase the speed of cell division and elongation in those plants. Likewise, seaweed is naturally rich in micro-nutrients such as iron, zopper, zinc, boron and manganese, and a foliar formulation is perfect for ensuring that the nutrients and hormones are available to the plants more quickly.

Plant hormones are a critical part of plant growth. Cytokinins are natural plant hormones that are the product of root activity that are transported within the plant from root to sprout to leaf where they remain, continually nurturing plant health. Cytokinin, when applied to plants as part of the foliar spray, provide many benefits including:

• Reducing stress in plants, which in turn stimulates cell division, supporting active root growth and production of flower buds, leaf buds and/or root buds.

• Stimulating cell enlargement to produce larger size fruits, especially in fruit and nut crops.

• Delay aging process in plant tissue by preventing chlorophyll loss which maintains protein, RNA and DNA in the plant. This increases productivity in crops that have been stressed by multiple harvests.

• Help produce more uniform fruit size and maturity by overcoming apical dominance, the tendency of the first fruit set to repress development of other fruit on the stem or branch.
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